Wednesday, November 24, 2010

XTC Leather - Leo Leather Catsuit

We hadn’t heard from Xav in a while so I stopped by the store with lelo to see the polished floor... well, Leo jumped out at us ;)

Seriously, one tip designers could borrow from XTC Leather is to clearly label their new designs, and to lay them next to the landing zone.

Don’t listen to marketing “experts” who tell you to spread around your new designs to force visitors to look at all your stock - you know *you* don’t enjoy that when you’re searching; nobody does.

From tip to rant in two paragraphs - next career, political pundit! ;)

Leo is a great outfit, with a lot of cool variations that work well together - I’d recommend getting the full pack.

Now all I need is my Cipher jacket and a motorcycle :)

New leather from Xaviar is always a treat even if i’m more a rubber/latex doll.

with Leo you get 3 options: the full version Mistress is wearing, the strapped version i’m wearing and a final half version.

To be honest the half version looks a bit funny to me, but i’m sure some people will love it.

The top comes in shirt layer and the pants in... ehh well pants layer. *smiles* So this leaves room for some sexy underwear and a nice leather corset or jacket.

A final extra are a pair of good looking leather gloves.

Great looking base leathers for a very good price.

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders


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