Friday, November 5, 2010

Puppy Gear: K9 Creations

I know, I know, this isn't pony related, but puppy play and pony play have a lot in common.

This week brought with it the sad announcement that Alexie of K9 Creations is closing her store.

There is some good news : she is following in the footsteps of Dari's Haus, and making her entire collection of saleable items available Open Source.

That is, completely FREE. Good news to those with short pockets.

It's always a shame when a designer and creator decides it is time to stop, but a brave and noble gesture to make their stock available for free.

This gives some of those who may want to try puppy play a good excuse to give it a go without having to invest heavily.

Remember, this is a whole stock collection, including the puppy gear (muzzle, paws and tail), kennels, dog runs, dog collars, dog beds, catchers and throwers and wicker beds.

This really is something that should allow many of the puppy curious to finally immerse themselves into a puppy scene and find out if it is for them.

Some die-hard puppies may worry that quality, free items will cause an influx of poor quality puppies to flood the scene : those that don't care enough about the lifestyle, and instead just annoy the more serious puppies.

Whilst this may happen, it also allows potentially more quality puppies too.

I am sure most puppy-friendly sims will make this collection available for free, but if not, feel free to ask at most pony or puppy places, or drop me a notecard in world.

And I want to wish Alexie good luck in whatever venture she takes to next. Thanks for giving us great puppy wear over the past 2 years.

PS by Deirdre : The box is available at the K9 location for now


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