Monday, November 8, 2010

Cipher - Fascination Bustier Dress

If you’ve seen me around SL, odds are very good that you saw me with my Cipher leather jacket. I love it, and I pretty much live in it.

We’re having a look at designers we haven’t covered in a long time, and what a joy it was to visit Cipher’s store and to find so many new items, and to see that they’re still just as intricately designed.

This beautiful outfit is called Fascination, and has 23 parts, not counting instructions, landmark, and the *excellent* pose stand with numerous useful poses for fitting clothes.

To put it simply, if you visited our photo studio, you’d see a Cipher stand next to the stage.

This gorgeous (and flexible) outfit will let you mix and match as all the parts are on all clothes layers, and the prim parts have various attach points.

But it’s a complete outfit at a really terrific price, with a good discount if you get all the colors in the fatpack.

Add some heels and go to Moulin Rouge ;)

My first Cipher and boy is this a treat, love how she mixes prim and clothlayer.

Only little down side is i’m not what you would call build to Japanese specs, but a little tweaking on the purpose build cipher stand took care of that.

Even the texture is mod so i could adjust the skirt to match the cloth bustier after stretching it to fit me.

Ok back to the contents of the nice little gift box, in it you’ll find 27 items of which 14 are cloth layer and 9 are prims, so as expected a nice mix.

The options, here goes, pants with or without panty lines, short or long bustier in all layers, gloves and stockings, skirt attached to stomach or pelvis, lace tops for the bustier, lace choker and garter and arm bands.

All items are mod and copy so make a safety copy first, *smiles*

Ohh you might guess differently but i’m wearing the black version, and Mistress wears the more obvious red version.

Only real problem i had was picking the right shoes to wear with this.. *winks*

Name : Cipher
Owner : Cipher Ivory


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