Friday, November 26, 2010

SL Pony Play - Online Database

Deirdre came up with a great idea of having an up-to-date directory for pony play within SL.

Naturally, I thought this a superb idea.

We will feature all points of interest to anyone connected or interested in pony play within SL : locations, stores, links, and so on.

Sadly, it seems many sims connected with ponyplay have closed, and just this week came the announcement that Questionable Virtues was also to close next month.

As people grow within SL, so their interests take them elsewhere, the costs of maintaining a sim can sometimes get too much to bear.

And so, a listing of all things pony just seems that much more important.

As new sims open with a stable area, or a designer launches a new item of tack, one quick message to us, email or notecard, and it can be made known to all who are interested.

The SL Ponygirls Club group is currently used mostly to announce new things, but many pony enthusiasts may not be members because of the 25-group limitation.

A Web site, open to everyone, may fulfill the same purpose better.

Note that this is a work in progress, and there is still much updating to be done.

And so, dear readers, I urge you to let me know if you know of something that deserves a mention.

Drop me an email at and I will update the listings. Events to be posted also welcome.

Thanks to Button Wright at FFF for initiating this idea in notecard form in world.

It is a shame to see just how many pony play sims and stables have closed since the notecards were written.

Check the listings for yourselves at

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