Thursday, November 25, 2010

Duce - Aphotic Raven

When we got the Aphotic Raven outfit and boots from Duce, I had a surprise : the boots don’t include invisiprims, so they are meant only for users of v2 viewers.

It’s been a while since I tried it. Last time, my video card died the day after I ran the Linden v2. It could be a coincidence, but I don’t trust it anymore, so we snapped those pictures on another computer.

I had forgotten how clumsy and oppressive the user interface is in v2.

Lindens : seriously, whatever you paid for that horrible design, you got screwed, ok? You need to call Jakob Nielsen, and fast.

I will drop Linden viewers before I move to v2.

Designers : the alpha socks are temptingly easy, but I recommend making invisiprims for a while yet, and clearly labeling boxes that don’t include them as v2 only.

This said, the boots look pretty awesome, and the spurs are wicked! Boot colors available are black, blueberry, camo, cherry and grape.

The outfit has good shine and decent detail, and as usual, I could only wish the prims (cap and belt) were resizeable to a little smaller.

Seems saint reads our blog and has answered my request for more fetish style boot. *smiles*

The boots are somewhat the same style as the bad dogs, though not a restyled copy.

The thing that really stands out on them are the belts and the spurs connected to them.

The belts are quite amazing, someone really took some time sculpting them to look real.

The rest of the outfit is simple but good, still the boots really stand out, great work, we want more!!! *winks*

Name : Duce
Owner : saint Atlas


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