Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Violet Studios - Classica Latex

A new friend and fan of the blog, Juggernutz Ivanovic, suggested we have a look at Violet Studios, as Vi had just started a new latex line. (Her store specializes in demon skins and implants.)

We love suggestions but sometimes it takes a while between the getting and the acting upon.

What that did for us is, by the time we made it to Hemi’s store, she had rack upon rack of good latex outfits in an amazing array of colors. And it’s just a start, apparently - watch this space.

Classica is a stunning outfit. I’m wearing as much of it as possible here ;) The smoky latex is undershirt layer, and the collar is jacket.

The middle fingers gloves are fun and original, the latex shine is excellent, like the level of detail.

With the included ballet boots, this is a full outfit, and while we’ve seen cheaper, for this quality, the price is completely reasonable.

Well you know me i can’t let a good pair of ballets go by, and these are great, more than worth the money you pay for the entire outfit.

But you get more in the pack, first there the lovely skirt with even better textures.

You get 5 lights to make the ensemble stand out even more, as if it needs that. *winks*

There are implant applicators for most common breasts, i just love the ease of those, if only everything in SL was that easy.

Finally there are the cloth layers, which offer you a few nice options like the smoky underwear catsuit Mistress is wearing.

Now back to the boots, even if they look a little bit to long, the shape is perfect, just the way i love them, you can see a ballerina's pointe shoe in it, and that's what i love.

The heel with the metal inset is a piece of art, the belts are a pain to close, but hey no pain no gain. *winks*

Now run and get these, only hard part will be choosing your color, the outfit comes in red, orange, purple, grey, magenta, white, blue, lagoon and black.

Name : Violet Studios
Owner : Hemi Violet


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