Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drakke’s Designs - Lil' Naughty and Misbehaving RLV

Do Christmas boots go into stockings? I’m all confused! ;)

Introducing the Lil’ Naughty and Misbehaving boots by Drakke Designs.

We haven’t featured a good Christmas-themed boot since our early days with the Armyst boot.

The Lil' Naughty ankle boots feature a color-change HUD. The included colors are lustrous and vibrant, you’ll have fun shopping for matching outfits.

The Misbehaving are not color change, but the colors are available as different models.

RLV and v2 support are becoming popular (I won’t say standard) features, and these boots offer them.

You’ll want to take a moment to position and resize them just right - did I tell you how wonderful the Cipher pose stand is for that? ;)

24 days till Christmas, so its time for our first seasonal foot wear and this year it’s Drakke who gets the ball rolling.

The Lil’Naughty are the ankle boots and are Drakke’s first boots on which you can play with the colors.

You get a nice little hud that controls the colors of the boot’s cuff, seam and foot. You can select black, red white or a very festive green.

The Misbehaving RLV support.. yes you guessed it RLV but now figure out how to get into the RLV menu.. *smiles* i’m not telling...

The menu is based on the open collar script so you don’t have to worry about that.

The one thing both boots have in common are the furry tops, which will add about 5000 to your rendering costs.

So hurry to Drakke's and get a start on your fetish holiday outfit, 24 days and counting...

Name : Drakke's Designs
Owner : Mandrakke Dagger


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