Friday, December 3, 2010

Pony Places : Black Rose Stables

One of the earlier sims I encountered on my ponygirl pilgrimage in SL was Black Rose.

Back then pony play had never heard of RLV, and the HUDS and clickable items to emote for the pony were somewhat rare.

Times have changed, and I find myself having gotten lazy, relying on HUDS to do a lot of the work for me, and RLV to aid me in not flying when jumping a steeple hurdle.

One of the things that has declined, though, is the ability to emote for yourself.

Poseballs provide animations, HUDS provide simple emotes that spam.

The basics of ponyplay are something that is still held in high regard at Black Rose.

It had been a long time since my last visit, because you will not find Black Rose listed, I kept overlooking and forgetting.

I recently revisited Black Rose, and bumped into Mel, and renewed my promise to visit more, and I agreed to participate in some training.

Something I am looking forward to. I think.

The sim has a wonderful layout, currently in full winter setting, with snow and the lake frozen over for ice skating.

While you will find a timed steeple track, there is no score board. This is where your only competition as a pony, is yourself.

I find this refreshing. My Pc is now rather dated and clunky, and lags at the slightest hint of having to do something (honest, its the PC, not me!)

Seeing someone having achieved a time considerably quicker than your best is disheartening. So, no scoreboard to push you to frustration.

I must say that does give a feeling of smug satisfaction when crossing the finish line, having achieved your best time on the track, and not having someone else having beat you.

By a full minute!

One thing to remember though, when visiting Black Rose. This is a private stable so please do respect the rules there. I would hate to see another pony sim closed to the public visitors.

Around the perimeter are good sized cart paths, a well equipped stable and carts available for use.

And this time, I promise to visit more often.


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