Monday, December 6, 2010

Dark Elf Manufacture - Collars Update

Remember a certain cool announcement I hinted at a couple of weeks back?

Dark Elf Manufacture has released their new line of collars, and the secret is out : a new and improved kneeling pose that doesn’t make your sub look like a levitating fakir.

Pictured here, lelo with her old Amethyst at left, and the new improved DEM pose at right.

To be fair, it only partly fixes the problem : feet will always prevent ground contact, but this looks a whole lot better than the old way.

The collars themselves are lovely, if you liked them just for decoration you wouldn’t feel cheated.

Once again, this is just a small sampling of the line of designs.. drop by the store and see the variety for yourself!

Three more designs by Dark Elf Manufacture, if Nihal doesn’t work too hard we might even catch up with her.

At least Chloe seems busy rewriting the scripts in the Think Kink toys so no updates in the near future script wise that is.. though you never know with these bondage scripting bunnies.

The prim work is very good, just like with the previous collars we showed you, have a look i’m sure there is one you’ll like.

As for the script improvement, that’s great, means i won’t have to carry my pose pillow around with me anymore. *winks*

Name : Dark Elf Manufacture
Owner : Nihal Quan & Chloe1982 Constantine


PS : I couldn't resist adding a third collar pic! Deirdre

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