Wednesday, December 22, 2010

KaS - BalletBoots

A rare event this week, a new release from KaS - we just had to squeeze it in, this will be our last review of the year : introducing the new KaS BalletBoots!

As with other KaS product, the shape is exquisite, and the attention to detail is excellent : the laces changing from eyelets to hooks on front of the boots is one good example.

The foot shape is very realistic to me; it’s what a tight ballet boot with a good heel should look like.

For a very limited time (the Christmas season), these gorgeous boots are only 149L$ - you know we don’t usually mention prices directly in the reviews except when they are exceptional; I’d say this is the case here.

Drop by KaS and thank Salid for a wonderful present :)

These are great times we live in, seems all our old favorites are back making new things.

I’m a great fan of Salid’s work, her corset is still the best in SL, you really notice her RL expedience with the toys she makes.

It was bound to happen, after her corsets, chastity and hood, she turned her attention to the next bondage essential: ballet boots!!!

These don’t come with a locking, leashing or owner system, which is fine as i’m sure all you bondage bunnies have your own RLV relays that take care of that.

The fitting is easy as you get the possibility to change the size in width, depth and height and there are two reset buttons for position and size, very smart.

I saved the best thing for last, the supplied color HUD lets you change the colors on every part of the boots.

You get a color chart so you can mix your own colors and as the boots are copy you can safe them with your favorite outfits, color matched and all.

I’m curious what she’ll make next, suggestions anyone????

Name : KaS
The owner : Salid Sewell


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