Wednesday, December 8, 2010

nOd - Perfect Maid

We featured some nOd outfits that were modeled at the Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week, and we’d been meaning to drop by the store forever. (I’m sure we’ll get around to seeing everything one day - it’ll just take a while.)

So. This is Perfect Maid, by Nisei Oh Designs, or nOd, Or it may be Maid 03. You’re smart, you’ll find it ;) It’s a cool, several-notches-past-naughty, black and white maid outfit.

It’s either a flagship product or Nisei is really proud of it, cause it’s also pictured on her landmark.

It’s also her latest release. And there’s a 10m picture of it facing the landing zone at her clean, stylish main store.

You can also have a look at the web site,, for the latest nOd news, and visit her on the new SL Marketplace

This maids costume goes from naughty to .. well a little bit less naughty aka not entirely naked. *winks*

You get 22 items in the box, a good mix between prims and cloth layer.

Most of the cloth layer items are provided in all available layers, you get 3 choices of tops, open, heart shaped pasties and the “closed” version i’m wearing.

There are stockings with a nice shine which you can wear with or with-out garters.

The prim items give the outfit life and work great with the cloth layers.

The skirt and apron take a bit of work to get right and if the head band has a tendency to be swallowed by the hair but nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of work and a good pose stand.

Only thing not included in the kit are shoes, but i’m sure most of you will have a good selection, in not follow this lead.

Sexy little outfit, i’m sure you won’t get much house work done wearing this, but i guess that’s the point of it.

Name : NOD
Owner : Nisei Oh


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