Tuesday, December 7, 2010

House of Alisha - Latex Princess

This is a unique piece. Latex Princess, by House of Alisha, is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

If a period dress was made of light folds of black latex, catching the light in eye-dazzling reflections, this is how it would look.

The veils are also impressive. When they’re all worn, it’s difficult to make out the wearer.

This said, Latex Princess would make the most amazing fetish wedding dress. If anyone buys it for that reason, please, please call me, I want to attend.

Alisha is famous for animated automatons wearing her beautiful dresses (and following you around the store, go try the demos!), and two are included as options with this dress.

They’re called ladies in waiting, and they add a certain solemn je ne sais quoi to the dress.

Definitely visit the huge, impressive store. You’ll remember the visit :)

Lets just start with saying, wow i’ve seen churches smaller than this dress.

And when you think the look of this dress is impressive, wait till you seen the scripting that has gone into it.

But for now back to the dress, you get 22 items in the kit, including the two ominous looking ladies in waiting. Yes those two are prims you can wear.

The entire outfit adds 9222 to your avatar rendering cost, so when you get married in this one i hope the guests are naked. *winks*

And now the scripting, which is in the main skirt, it offers all kinds of head, arm and body positions.

You also get a bunch of animations, from all kinds of greetings, curtseys, hugs and kisses, to facial expressions.

But the best thing is the follow mode in which you can select a person your dress will follow, great fun, hope she will make an RLV version of this dress, it would be a hot seller i’m sure.

Name : House of Alisha
Owner : Alisha Ultsch


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