Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red Devil - Latex Ballerina Red

We heard about Red Devil through Fetish Consolidated.

That group has quite a bit of potential : if all fetish designers advertised on it, we could all save tons of groups. The down side would be getting too many ads, perhaps. No easy answer.

So. We nipped over to the store, and while looking around, lelo was grabbed by the Latex Ballerina as if it had sprouted graboid tentacles ;)

The design is fun, and the red is a nice rich texture. The dress has a good number of petticoats for fans of that sort of thing.

If you love the boots more than the tutu, they are available separately - just look behind the stairs.

Yes i know i should seek help with this addiction, still i can’t help myself when i see a pair of new ballets.

I absolutely love the shape of these boots, and i don’t think i have seen a heel shaped like this and the toe box reminds me of my beloved Fairlights.

This is the first time i’ve seen lacing on boots done in texture, it works, though i would have loved it to be a bit sharper.

The belts around the boots are a bit crude but have the extra option to chain the boots together, as the boots are copy you could try and remove them.

The Tutu looks good and i love the texture she used, which totally matched the top.

You also get a pair of black stockings and long gloves both with matching top borders.

Lovely little outfit, which shouldn’t be missing for any budding latex ballerina.

Name : Red Devil
Owner : Dementia Razor


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