Friday, December 10, 2010

Riding Boots at MDC Vanilla Pleasures

Mistress Boot - Christmas Edition

Just in time for Christmas are these lovely Christmas themed riding boots. Perfectly styled to wear with your favorite Santa outfit, while dressing your pony up as a reindeer.

Available in both viewer 1 and 2 versions, the texturing is superb. The boots are just the right sort of shiny, and with no unneeded prims to make them look perfect.

The heels are impressively spiked, without looking impossible to walk in. Which is good if you are training your pony to stand in for Rudolph.

The buckle on the boots will match Santa's belt too, so this should go nicely with any Santa outfits you may choose to wear them with.

Having said that, these boots are also more than suitable for everyday wear too, as there are no furry boot tops to date these exclusively for Christmas.

These boots are also available in a non Christmas version, aptly named Mistress Riding boots. Again, beautifully textured, wonderfully sculpted.

Again you get both the viewer 1 invisible attachments for the feet in Viewer 1, or the alpha mask for viewer 2 in the same pack.

These feature a smaller belt and buckle, but are still perfect to wear when riding or around the ranch or farm with your pony.

Whichever pair you decide on, I am reasonably sure you and your pony will love to see you in them.


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