Monday, December 13, 2010

Rosal - Lisse Corset and Neck Corset

We were on our way to another store when I saw Rosal. I was so impressed that I decided to feature them first. No, I’m not going to tell you who’s on hold ;)

We have a lot of clothes with prim details, but the Lisse Corset and Neck Corset are all prim, and they’re really gorgeous. I wore my rubber beach bunny outfit to show them off (bikini by POC, gloves and stockings by KCreations).

Both items have a simple menu with two buttons : Pose and Walk. A little experimentation showed us that you want Pose to be on for “Walk on” to work. Logical, I suppose.

I spent a bit of time adjusting the corset - not unexpected, and not difficult at all. The corsets resize to quite small - which is a very good thing. It makes me pretty mad when I buy items I can’t resize to my measurements.

At the low prices for these lovely items, it's a no-brainer to get both for a matched set.

A fun velvet and fur version is also available - see our third pic. Nice and seasonal for all you fetishy Mrs Clauses out there ;)

It’s time KaS got some competition and here it is, Rosal , her products are stiff new but show a lot of promise.

The corset comes in a normal (worn by Mistress) and tight version (worn by me).

You also get it with Viewer 2 alpha layer or the good old invisi prims, the invisi prims tend to hide your arms a bit, but on the other hand the alpha layer give you an infinite cleavage. *smile*

As usual you have the old problem with poses and walking, both corsets have options to stop the fixed animation, either during walking or entirely, a smart move i would say.

Take some time fitting the corset, its a pain but really worth it and luckily the corsets are copy so you can mess up as many as you like.

Impressive new line of corsets, check out her Santa collection its great for that restricted seasonal feeling *winks*

Name : Rosal
Owner : Tsarina Mint


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