Friday, January 7, 2011


One of the first stores I visited in order to upgrade from freebie tack items was CCP.

At the time, the CCP bridle was considered among the very best.

Though other bridles have now come into SL, the CCP bridle still stands proud.

And CCP offer more than just a bridle.

Tail plugs, hooves and additional bits, arm guards to keep the pony'd forehooves up near the chest, and pony sounds HUD are available here.

Although many of these items have been available for a long time in SL, they still look great.

The bridle is less heavily scripted, and contains fewer prims than others available, and so creates less lag. Racing ponies in particular should be interested in that.

There is even an RLV third-party add-on script, although I can no longer recall where this vendor is located. I know it used to be at Stone Haven.

If anyone knows if this add on is still available, please let me know.

A full Deluxe pack, including hoof boots with hair trim, a tail, and bracers with colour changeable hair and fur trimming can be bought.

So drop in and take a look, the store is uncluttered and is definitely worth a peek.

The above SLURL is for the main-store, though vendors are available at most stables too.


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