Thursday, January 6, 2011

Neurolab - Fatality Ballet Boots

Neurolab is always fun and original. We skipped their last creation, but these Fatality Ballets are more along the lines of fetish, the ballets boots lelo loves so much.

There are two different models to this boot, one with a nifty thigh extension, and a shorter, overknee one.

The needle heel looks good - the Neurolab trademark, if you recall other models we’ve showed here before - and I believe it looks better on Fatality.

Fatality is available in four colors : black with red, black with blue, red, and pink.

The store is undergoing a huge rebuild, do drop in and have a look!

Some new nifty ballets by Neurolab, first things first, have a look at the great leather texture on this, is swear i can almost smell them.

The boots come in 3 sizes for a quick fit and have a good working re-size script for fine tuning.

You also can change the colors of the seam and ankle-band to black, red or pink, must be the barbie in me but i went for the pink.

The color of the zipper and heel can be set to Black, chrome or dark aluminium.

You can also control the sound, on and off and it’s sound level in 5 steps.

I only got one little problem with the boots and that’s the short time the menu is active, after 15 seconds it shuts down, good in the fight against lag of course, but you better hurry making a choice, so no boots for empty headed bimbo’s. *winks*

So hurry over to Neurolab and get a pair of these before everyone is wearing them.

Name : Neurolab
Owner : Ono Zinner


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