Friday, January 28, 2011

The Great House of Meiji

While searching profusely for more landmarks to add to the pony directory this week, I came across a place I had not seen listed before.

Naturally, being the inquisitive journalist I am, I teleported right away for a look around. And within just a few minutes I was very impressed with what I found.

On first rezzing here, I was presented with a large barn surrounded outside by the usual things you might expect to see on a farm.

The grass in the fields was long, knee high in many places, and the pathways a muddy dirt trail. Perfectly in keeping with the farm setting.

All the expected features of a typical pony stable are here, including barrels, dressage fields and a slalom. A steeple is also situated nearby, along with a cart shed.

Set 2600 metres above sea level, this stable spans the Ananke sim and spreads over the adjoining sims too, providing ample carting space.

Still very much a new stable and a work in progress, and with a third sim to join with the existing two for the stable, this is a large and promising build.

And should you require more than just a stable, the ground levels of this idyllic island are just as impressive, packed with a variety of activities, should you need to change the pace, with a dungeon, pool parties and beach to name just a few.

The sim owner has also assured me that they are in the process of adding cart trails on the ground level too.

Feel free to explore and see what you think.


Performance Tack

On a slightly different note, I decided to dust of some of my older pony tack items, including the CCP bridle for the first time in a while.

And I was shocked at just how much less lag I seemed to suffer from as a result.

So, what I now would like to see if any tack creators want some new ideas, how about some low prim performance tack?

I will be the first to admit that some of the older hooves look less attractive than the latest sets, but they also contribute to a lower Avatar Rendering Cost.

What do you say?

New, low prim yet attractive hooves? Please?

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  1. Regarding the older tack seeming less laggy, there's a reason for that. It probably is :)

    The older equipment is scripted in uncompiled LSL. The newer gear is most likely compiled in Mono which is the whiz bang successor to LSL.

    In theory it's a much better alternative than the original LSL, allowing more memory for scripts and much faster operation.

    In practice there's a long standing bug in the Mono system that causes huge hits on sim resources each time an object containing a Mono script is rezzed (which includes avatars arriving in the sim wearing scripted attachments) it can slow sim performance to a crawl or even dead stop for several seconds.

    There's been an open JIRA and promises of "it's working in test and will be fixed any day now" going back to August 2008 if memory serves.