Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latex Station - Lala Nun and Ichi Nurse

Two standards with Latex Station’s inimitable spin on them, the naughty nurse and sexy nun : I’m wearing Lala Nun, and lelo Ichi Nurse. The names? You’ll have to ask Chill3 ;)

Lala is entirely v1, no tattoo layers or related surprises. The bust part is probably meant for your bustier nun, it rides a bit low on me.

The headdress is neat, and gives a bit of a space-helmet effect. I’m wearing it without hair (and you can count on the fingers of your left hand the minutes I have spent without hair these last three years ;)

The stockings are footless, so you’ll need to supply your footwear (or apply to Mother Superior, I suppose). The texture suggests Chanel’s famous quilted leather - no vow of poverty for *this* nun ;)

The daily cheapie sale is still on at Latex Station, by the way.. don’t forget to drop by.

As we did some superhero costumes last night, we though we should stick to the theme and give you some more costumes tonight.

I think Ivonne and Chill had some fun making these outfits, they are extremely fun in my book.

The Nurse outfit comes in the usual high quality latex we know from Latex Station. The color combination is great i just love the combination of red, black and white.

You get 3 prim items in the kit, the lovely little nurses cap, a matching belt with a pair of massive syringes and a third syringe to be held in your hand.

Only thing not in the kit are boots, so i hope you have a pair you can use. *smiles*

So all you space nurses out there, your new outfit is ready and can be picked up at Latex Station.

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills


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