Tuesday, January 25, 2011

KL Kiki - Shy Ballet Boots

It’s been ages since we dropped by Kiki’s.. and sure enough, we saw someone wearing the new ballets, and were reminded.

Anyone with the idea that we’re going about this with method and order... well, thanks for the vote of confidence, we’re trying, but Chaos is strong ;)

The Shy boots are a recent release, and they look good. The prims are detailed, and some of the tiny ones are smaller than I thought was possible.

The shape of the boot is great, the shine is good, just enough, not too much. The shape of the sole and heel are a big improvement over the old model we reviewed - that’s always a pleasure to see.

Those are not the cheapest boots we’ve seen, but you get good value : excellent design, and a lot of menu features and poses.

 By the way - post #600 today, yay us! 

Yep, ballets again.. and again and again until we have done them all..*Muhaha*

Ok, back to Kristina’s little gems, the prim work is very detailed, give the heels and metal sole-plate a good look.

The texturing is kept simple, just the right color and using the standard shine option, which in this case works perfectly. They are available in red, pink, white and black.

In the box you’ll find two versions, one for V1 and the other for V2 all labeled so there can’t be any confusion.

The menu shows that Kristina owns a BDSM club as the options here are very well suited for that lifestyle, offering a owners menu, poses and control functions. Best of which is the come function, making you run to your owner.

Great looking boots with a little extra, what more can you want?

Name: KL Kiki
Owner: Kristina Deschanel


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