Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SuperStuff - Carol and Emma

Our friend and freelance fetish shopper (and yes, we’ll have more to tell you about that soon!) Diaperedpet Jewell introduced us to SuperKara Kline, the owner of SuperStuff.

Regular readers know I love my heroines, and it didn’t require too much Kryptonian arm-twisting to convince us to run a few of new nice designs : I’m wearing Carol, the Ms Marvel-inspired costume, and lelo is wearing Emma, the White Queen from X-Men.

Carol is a faithful rendition of the recent-ish Ms Marvel from Dark Reign (go look it up!) and and Emma is a good adaptation of the classic White Queen, with the collar borrowed from the more recent books.

The observant reader will recognize the Gotham skyline. (We just had to have a rooftop shot!)

Drop by SuperStuff and see all the fun outfits (neko versions, too!)... then go save the world in style.

You might have noticed that we love to do some heroines now and again, especially Mistress has a thing for them.

One of the costumes she still wanted was MS. Marvel, so when Pet showed her the new costume by SuperKara, she was sold.

For me we took Emma, aka Emma Frost aka the white queen, as it would look good with my hair and blue eyes.

The outfit comes with lovely fluffy shoulder-pads, a snow white cape, lovely gloves and thigh high stocking/boots. The corset with it’s prim bow looks great.

Only thing letting this outfit down are the nurses safety shoes, but then i’m sure you’ll have some nice white boots to take care of that, seems Bax has some very nice white ones. *smiles*

So time to save the world and get into these super low price outfits.

Name: SuperStuff
Owner: SuperKara Kline


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