Thursday, February 3, 2011

Places - Darkadia

Darkadia is a neat and unusual sim. It’s based on Michael Manning’s Spider Garden and related works, and it’s beginning to take off, after some efforts and soul-searching from Mariko Demonia and her group.

The clothing store (Latex Web Inc.) provided some of the direction : by offering directly related clothing, it supports the sim and helps the roleplayers get into things.

And roleplay is the heart of Darkadia. While they have public events (a fetish party every two weeks, among others), large parts of the castle are reserved to members.

A visitor who joins the group - by invitation - is expected to participate fairly actively. No dolls standing around chewing gum with a blank stare in here ;) Members who demonstrate proficiency and good attitude go up in ranks, and gain privileges and responsibilities.

There is quite a lot to see on the sim, aside from the store. We visited the shibari room, in particular - the Japanese theme is strong all over Darkadia, and so is the unusual, as demonstrated by the lovely and strange garden created by the late Mistress Uber Stein.

This is a creative group, as well : they hold art shows, exhibitions and there is even a fashion show coming up to which, as Mariko said, two tickets were set aside for your humble bloggers ;)

The work is far from finished. Thanks to good relations with some excellent designers (some we’ve reviewed in these pages), expect to see amazing clothes and toys from Latex Web.

We also saw a very neat naiad in a very large aquarium (go look up Hydrophidian!), and a new pony cart track now surrounds the sim thanks to Mariko reading us - we report news and sometimes we make them!

A nearby club, Le Fetiche, offers a more traditional fetish experience.

If you want more than standard poseball-sitting play, Darkadia may be for you.


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