Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Real Restraints - Armbinder

One day I’ll stick Marine in a cage and interview her - in the meantime, we’ll present you with some more of her terrific work : this is the Arm Binder by Marine Kelley’s store, Real Restraints.

It’s a lovely thing to look at.. I suspect lelo is going to be spending a fair bit of time in this toy.

The rich red color, in particular, with the lovely light and shadow effect, is just the thing to put on a black rubberdoll.

Do visit Marine’s store and help support all the hard work she does for bondage bunnies everywhere.

I’ll let lelo give the detailed description - after all, it’s not a gag ;)

You just have to love someone like Marine, she single-handedly dreams up RLV, makes some of the best restraints in SL and stays so humble.

Just look at her little stall on Pak, which hasn’t changed in all the years i have known it, some very big stores grew around it but the stall stays as it is. I just love that.

Another thing i love is this armbinder - it should be mandatory for all the dolls in SL.

You get 3+3 looks, as Marine puts it, 3 closed or full versions and 3 open versions showing the straps over the shoulders.

The menu will look very familiar for anyone who has ever worn a pair of real restraints, and who hasn’t? *winks*

You won’t be surprised that there are the full RLV controls in the binders, as well as timers and the RR key system.

For our fashion victims there is the “binder tex” plugin, making it possible to adjust the colors of your binder to match your outfit.

I won’t go into all the options you can find in the armbinder, but there is one i really have got to mention, there is a silent button in the special menu, please, please use it when you play in a public sim.

Now go get one, get yourself locked in and struggle your way out, Marine says it might be possible.

Name : Real Restraints
Owner : Marine Kelley


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