Monday, February 14, 2011

VvB Stiletto Heels - Knee Boots and Platform Knee Boots V4

This blog could be the VvB channel if we let it. I swear, I don’t show you folks half the stuff we see go by. Someone has to get this girl off the espresso. ;)

Viktoria is now firmly sold to the v2 viewer, and her designs are starting to depend on alpha layer socks. No harm in it, and a tightly fitted boot on the variety of shapes in SL can’t be an easy thing.

But my little trick of adding an invisiprim to the shoes breaks down, here, and I had to use the included HUD to enlarge the boots a fair bit for a fit.

I’m a little stumped. Short of invisiprims, wearing them a little too big is the only answer I see. What I get for not moving to new technology, I’m certainly not complaining. But if anyone has a good suggestion, I’d *love* to hear it.

There is no stopping Viktoria improving her boots and shoes.

In this version 4 of the knee boots you get the lovely hud we showed you in our last VvB post, this time it gives you the resize, trim color, eyelet color and lace color controls.

Mine are in Hugo baby pink, but with some simple clicks on the hud you can really personalize them to your own taste.

As with most new boots these are made for the V2 viewer, Viktoria offers 3 different heights of alpha socks, so you can adjust how high you wear your boots.

Great looking boots, you just can’t beat a high heeled platform boot, well you can with a ballet, but that’s just me i guess. *winks*

Name : VvB Stiletto Heels
Owner : Viktoria Brandenburg


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