Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bare Rose - Draida

Legend of the Seeker put medieval leather catsuits (a historically accurate portrayal, I feel certain) in the eye of tv viewers with the naughty Mord-Sith warriors.

This lovely outfit by Bare Rose, called Draida, is probably inspired by the Mord-Sith leather uniform, but it shows a lot more cleavage than the television show - we *do* have fewer stabbings to the chest to fear in Second Life.

The outfit comes in black and brown, and an assortment of prims to make the catsuit more armor-like. I kept the shoulder pads, but I feel the others add a bit too much bulk.

The included boots are not really earth-shattering either, but this is a good example of keeping the bits you like in an outfit rather than throwing out the baby with the bath water.

And if I can’t handle a sword so well in Bax Prestige boots... well, it’s just a chance I’ll have to take. ;)

While checking our list we found that we hadn’t been to Bare Rose in ages, so it was time for a little shopping trip.

It was amazing to see how little the store had changed in all that time, only the offer on the vendor seem to have changed.

Bare Rose still has that anime feel to most of its costumes and the sim itself, very lovely.

The outfits are original and maybe not to every ones taste, but there is so much to choose from it will be hard not to find something to your liking.

And last but not least, prices are very low, even campers can look good at these prices. *smiles*

Name : Bare Rose
Owner : June Dion


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