Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alessandra - Buckle Side Suit and Buckle Club Dress

Chane Karu reminded us that we hadn’t featured her friend Alessandra’s designs in a long time, so we dropped by her gorgeous California-style store and were lucky enough to run into her.

She gave us the tour, and showed us some of her latest designs : the Buckle Side Suit, and Buckle Club Dress.

She’s still the queen of the barely-there outfit, as you can see.

The buckle suit is a nice and simple clothes layer outfit, easy enough to complement : it looks great with my Cipher Busta Black, for example - but most of my clothes do.

Visit the store soon if you want to see the current version, Alessandra told me she was itching to renovate ;)

The suit worn by Mistress, comes in top and pants layer only and is completed with a pair of matching gloves.

The dress worn by me comes with 11 parts, including a prim shield to hide he ugly linden skirt.

You get all layers including the V2 tattoo layer and a choice if you want to wear the cuffs, which are included in the top.

The latex texture isn’t as shiny as i would like it, but as a blond that’s a good thing i guess, it doesn’t distract to much, “ohhh.... shiny...” *winks*

Both outfits come in the following colors: black, dark red, pink, purple, red and white.

Great club wear that should make you stand out, though be aware that you’ll need a pretty good skin to pull this off, as there isn’t much latex to hide it. *smiles*

Name : Alessandra
Owner : Alessandra Pinklady


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