Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Immerschoen - Jenny and Tina plus Ankle Boots

Nici called us nearly two weeks back with some awesome new outfits, but between all the cool stuff coming out lately, they got pushed to the back of the closet.

They’re new, and it’s entirely my fault you haven’t heard about them before, ok? Sorry!

Introducing (so to speak) Jenny (the awesome pants outfit modeled by me) and Tina (the awesome shorts outfit modeled by lelo).

Aside from coming in all layers, Jenny has a number of versions : the strap bra over black mesh (shown here), over a white long-sleeved lace top, or by itself. Oddly, there’s only one pair of pants in the box... well, all you need is one pair, I suppose ;)

Also new are the cool little ankle boots with pyramid studs around the ankles : there’s a buckle strap version, and a laced up version to complement any outfit.

The boots are v2 only so you’ll need your own invisiprims if you’re a die-hard v1 user ;)

Don’t be fooled by the name, this isn’t a dress, but a great looking leather high waisted short.

the details are very good, giving you a combination of belts, lacing and a zipper, i guess she ran out of Velcro. *winks*

The box contains 11 clothing items, giving you 3 options for the top: no top, belt top and net undershirt, these come in all layers so you can do the usual mixing and matching.

Matching net gloves and a pose stand complete the outfit. Sadly the leather bedboots are part of the pants and not available as sock layer.

I’m completing the outfit with the Immerschoen “laced” ankle boots, have a look at the prim laces on these, someone has been bending prims into submission.

A very nice extra and something every designer should add is a note telling you what the model on the vendor pic is wearing down to the skin, we love service like that.

Name : Immerschoen
Owner : Gismo Rhode & nici Sewell


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