Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bax Coen Design - Ankle Boots Leather

Bax is famous, that won’t come as a surprise to you.

And what’s not to love? Painstaking sculpt work and photographic-detail textures, with warm friendly service at her gorgeous store on top of all that like a cherry on a sundae :)

So it was a pleasure to discover her latest design : leather ankle boots.

We’ve owned and loved the patent ankle boots for a long time. Got a fetish outfit that needs good heels? Bax! It’s nearly automatic with us, as we model quite a bit of shiny stuff ;)

But while there’s no law that says you can’t wear patent boots with leather pants.. let’s say I’m really, really happy to see those lovelies.

Bax is always a joy to chat with. And despite our large time difference, I manage to catch her now and then.

She mentioned she’ll be upgrading her older ankle boots to match the new developments in these (v1 and v2 compatibility, removable scripts) in the next few days. Just drop by the store and visit the update station.

PS : Our studio lighting and white background don't do justice to the white boots - the texture is detailed and gorgeous, go see for yourself!

Bax is back with some improvements on her ankle boots, Mistress almost lives in her old ones so she jumped at the news.

The first change is the texture, instead of the patent leather of the old you now get lovely soft looking leather.

The other and bigger change is in the scripting, she has reworked the scripts to make them work more smoothly.

Another feature of the script is that there is an option to remove the used scripts from the boots, sim owners will love you for that, tip from Bax “make backup copies of your boots, that’s why I made them copy”.

Finally there is the V1-V2 issue which Bax has addressed in her usual, the customer comes first, way : the first time you wear the boots, they ask which viewer you use and rezz the invisiprims as needed. (that’s how you get a high service grade)

Name : Bax Coen Design
Owner : Bax Coen


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