Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kayliwulf Kingdom - Soft and Sexy

Another bedroom outfit this week - did I blink and Valentine’s day came back? (What? Mask gags are for the bedroom!)

This sweet baby doll nightie is called Soft and Sexy, by Kayliwulf Kingdom. It’s available in black, pink, red and blue.

Soft and Sexy comes with the universal implant applier; with the fluffy feathers at gloves and shoes, the outfit is indeed suited for a bimbo look and/or roleplay.

I believe this is the first outfit from Kayliwulf that doesn’t work well with a v1 viewer : my trusty POC invisiprims looked awful with the sandal fluff, so you get two good pictures of lelo modeling ;)

It’s been a while since our last Kayliwulf outfit, so we were quite happy when we saw this one pop up.

This on comes with the, by now almost trade mark, Kayliwulf Kingdom implant applier, Laz is really making the big chested girls happy with this.

You get a choice of 3 skirts with this outfit, a lacetex, a see through latex and a full latex version.

The strappy sandals look great and come with a nice little control hud for skin, stocking and nail color controls, be aware these are V2 only.

The supplied gloves have matching fuzzy fringes to the sandals, better not wear them on a busy sim, all the fuzziness adds 8000 points to your render cost.

Just like yesterday, great bedroom outfit, just tie a ribbon around your waist and give yourself away, i did... *smiles*

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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