Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Powers of Creation - Sister Mary Latex

It’s a good thing I never got the vocation.. I just don’t look great in a wimple, and it’s absolutely not Kai’s fault. His awesome Sister Mary Latex outfit will look better on you, I promise ;)

I had a chance to chat with him recently, and he mentioned he was inspired to create the outfit when he saw a latex nun outfit that wasn’t that good, and thought “I can do better”. Well, that’s how artists’ minds work, I believe.

The result is good - and no, I don’t know what the other outfit was - and the price is quite reasonable.

The rosary and rope belt are probably terribly authentic, and they are adjustable, for that slinky nun look - oh no, wait, that’s probably a sin. Well, follow your conscience ;)

Available colors are : black, blood, chocolate, pink, red (modeled by yours truly here), rose, sky blue, violet, and white. Rainbow nuns!

So visit POC, and as Kai says, make a habit of latex :)

I really, really, really must make a skirt shape, looks like i should put warning lights on my butt.

Still that’s what you get when using the cloth layer skirts, nothing a designer can change about that, well until we finally get mesh.

Ok back to the costume, which has 12 parts including the prim rope belt, coif and veil.

The shirt, collar and glitch pants come in all layers, the white cap is tattoo layer so be warned if you haven’t made the switch to V2.

Overall the look is plain, as it should be, with the usual POC shine and lovely prim work.

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman, Thoto Beerbaum


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