Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Real Restraints - Vixen Leather Cuffs

A tip from Pet, a call to Marine, and lelo is once again tightly restrained - the International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to lelo will have a fit!

Introducing the awesome Vixen Leather Cuffs by Marine Kelley.

This is quite a complete and versatile kit, as you see from the pictures. The posture collar looks great, and has a convincing feel of solidity.

As with the armbinder we reviewed, I’m impressed with the authenticity of the designs. These toys were made after examining closely (and spending time in) good, solid leather restraints.

Be sure to have a peek at Marine’s blog if you want a detailed and lavishly illustrated description of the set.

New and improved cuffs by the one and only Marine Kelley, Miss RLV herself.

In the box you’ll find 9 items, not including the 3 manuals, yes these cuffs come fully loaded.

There really are way too many options in them to list here and do them all justice. So here are the ones that caught my eye.

Most of the good “old” options of the metal cuffs which are in my opinion the, till now, best restrictive cuffs in SL can be found in these.

The collar gives you 4 options, from a basic leather collar to the high posture collar shown here.

The yoke is a great new feature, the adjustment is a piece of cake and the sound effects are great fun.

Finally i want to point out the vixen texture options, making it possible to match the cuffs to most outfits.

Name : Real Restraints
Owner : Marine Kelley


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