Monday, March 7, 2011

Restrained Freedom - Mask Gag

A new release by Restrained Freedom, this lovely piece of naughtiness is simply called the Mask Gag.

It has a wide variety of gagging, blindfolding, and ear-muffling goodness for your sensory-deprivation bunny.

We visited the new store Sunday and I was admiring the gag when Katie came on, and mentioned it had been released that very day. Well, I can’t resist a new release, so we pounced.

And visiting the store again tonight to snag the vendor pic (designers : put item pictures in your boxes!), I met a nice girl and fellow early adopter who said “... so far being in it I haven't wanted to take it off to say much of anything”.

How much more praise do you want? ;)

Katie points out on the vendor that the bondage model isn’t included with the gag.. how many times have car ads misled everyone like that?

It was about time we did a nice little gag again and when we saw the new and improved mask gag by restrained freedom we just had to have it.

As you might expect from Restrained Freedom the mask is fully RLV enabled and uses a simple but effective key system like you might know from Marine’s gear.

The gag has a few great features, first of all you can (in RLV must) use a gag channel, the works as a renamer and finally you can set the severity of the garbling.

But the pet setting is the most fun, turning your chat into meow’s and barks, what’s not to love about something like that.

The mask comes with a blindfold which has a HUD function truly blinding the wearer and as you might expect the earmuffs need RLV but work quite realistic, the further away a person is the harder it is to read their chat.

Finally there is the color change function which lets you adjust the mask to match every imaginable outfit, well most of them anyway. *winks*

Name : Restrained Freedom
Owner : Katie Paine


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