Friday, March 4, 2011

Working Farm Pony Carts From Unbridled

New this week from the Unbridled range is a set of carts aimed at working farm ponies.

The new range of carts include a plough, water pump, hay baler and a hayride cart, with few hay bales on it - for the farm hands to get around the farm, no doubt.

These new carts are in addition to the already available lawn mower cart. A puppy girl cart is also now available.

The carts are all made with role play in mind, but are also a good way to put your pony to use.

The hay baler, for example, will drop bales of hay as it is pulled along, and the lawnmower will obviously, trim the grass on your garden or field.

These carts are a great idea, and I look forward to seeing what other new ideas Mina Keng has for future additions to the range.

There is now no excuse for a pony not to get a run out, while ensuring your landscaped garden remains well maintained.


On a different note, I am still hoping that a tack maker, or perhaps, a shoe designer, will take up the challenge and create a nice looking set of hooves utilising viewer 2 alpha layers.

Would be nice to be rid of the invisiprims - especially with hand hooves.

And don't forget the pony soccer this coming Tuesday!

See the Pony Directory for this and other upcoming events.

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  1. i made an alpha layer for the MD pony hooves and hoof boots; Ami Airy on SL. Please contact me if you want it; i shrank the invisiprims down on the MD items to use it, but i love the look!