Wednesday, March 16, 2011

XTC - Bloodstone and Garnet

We have some pretty awesome news : our favorite male model, Seph Ishelwood, has returned from his sabbatical, and we pounced on him and covered him in XTC Leather ;)

He’s wearing the very cool Bloodstone outfit, and Xaviar did it again, making a men’s leather outfit which looks good, and is neither too over-the-top nor boring.

I’m modeling the matching-colored Garnet outfit, a detailed top and hotpants combo with Xaviar’s signature arm and leg bands. The rich red color is just gorgeous, but may be tricky to match to shoes and accessories.

A few nice prim ties are included for a touch of realism. There’s a version of the top and the shorts without armbands, if you don’t care for them.

A note about the vendor pic : Xav ran a model search, and Ceara was February’s winner.

Congratulations, sweetie, and thanks for showing off XTC so nicely!

Here’s proof that Xaviar also makes great leather clothing for men : unlike most stores we know, half his store is dedicated to the guys.

Seph is wearing the Bloodstone, which has lovely lacing down the sides and as usual a great leather texture.

The red flame effect looks great and gives the outfit its name.

From the left over leather Xaviar made Garnet, and there wasn’t much leather left. *winks*

Ohh in case you got confused the petite blond one is Mistress wearing the Garnet.

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders


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