Thursday, March 17, 2011

DeVicious - Hardline

Pet tipped us to this lovely free outfit by DeVicious a while back, and as it’s a new store, it was worth investigating a bit.

We went to visit the main location, and I was impressed. Large and airy place, cool futuristic-looking vendors, and already a nice selection of outfits and boots.

Hardline is not just a pair of pants tossed in a box. This is a complete outfit, with v1 and v2 versions for the boots (though you’ll want to take a moment to edit the included invisiprims).

The pants and the back of the blouse have a fairly scary death head motif.. I’ll mostly wear my hair long over that one ;) The boots are quite good, with a fashionable fold-down.

There are even face and body lights included. And if you picked up Hardline at one of the numerous vendors scattered across SL malls, there’s a 50L$ store card to draw you to the main store.

Keep an eye on DeVicious.. it’s going places, and we’ll be here to show you the cool new designs as they arrive :)

Ok what is better than a nice pair of leather boots? a free pair of leather boots. *smiles*

Our little übershopper Pet found us this great offer from DeVicious.

A quick call with the owner Steph confirmed that the store is still pretty new, she started it January 13th, not that Steph is new to the game.

DeVicious main focus is club wear, good thing that latex is the current in vogue material for clubwear.

At this time she is launching one new outfit and one pair of shoes/boots a week, so you’ll be seeing more of her i’m sure.

We won’t tell you where you can find the freebie, give the shop a good look, you might find more stuff you like.

Name : DeVicious
Owner : Steph Catseye


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