Thursday, April 28, 2011

C and S Fashion - Tempura

It seems we awoke lelo’s inner vampire queen. This lovely outfit is called Tempura, by C&S Fashion.

This is a prim-rich outfit. The big collar and studded leather straps cape is remarkable... I can’t think of a similar outfit in other stores we’ve seen.

The clothes layer items are covered in blood-red designs reminiscent of the Dragon boots we mentioned way back.

A striking, original outfit, representative of the other designs in the store. Well worth a visit.

Cool note : Latex Web Inc. is having an art exhibition starting Sunday, May 1st at Darkadia.

Lots of SL artists will be exposing their work.. should be interesting, I definitely intend to visit.

Click here for the poster.


Don’t worry it’s still me and the blond hair will be back shortly, but this went better with the outfit.

You get 12 items in the box, including the vendor picture and an LM, 3 cloth items and the rest are prims.

The cloth parts form a very good looking prim catsuit with an option for flared or boot cut pants.

The short cape flows nicely into the skirt part and is given his big feeling by the big shoulder pads and the upstanding collar.

The outfit is covered in studs and the red highlights give it life, even if the main feel is quite a bit gothic.

Add some good boots and you have yourself an outfit that just screams “i want your blood”. *winks*

Name : C&S Fashion
Owner : Slavegirl Allen, Chain Allen


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