Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Places : Freedom Continent

We hinted at Freedom last Friday. As we considered how to introduce it, we decided it was too big for a single post.

So we’ll start covering each sim over the coming weeks after this brief intro.

What is the Freedom Continent? It started as an idea by Serjourn Daxter : many isolated kinky islands were not doing so well individually, so why not gather them into a continent, and let like-minded folks who found island A simply walk into island B?

The growth was gradual, and is now snowballing nicely as sim owners are asking to join and become part of the phenomenon.

It’s not free : Linden Labs charges 100$ US to move a sim. Clearly sim owners see the benefits and make the move, recouping the expense quickly in increased visibility and traffic.

Bondage Ranch, the old meeting place for the BDSM crowd, was one of the bigger splashes in this coming-together movement. Huge stores like Think Kink and Latex Station moving in were also indicative : here’s a project that’s going places!

I took a moment to copy and paste a map of the continent - note that if you click to enlarge, the result is big. I like big maps :)

Note that Blue Spirit is a member, and simply hasn’t moved in yet.

The slurl points to Pirandello Bay, the heart of Freedom Continent (and home of the pony taxi!)

Drop by the info center and wander around. There’s a clever teleporter map that will let you explore this awesome place. Have fun!


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