Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chaospire - Indulge

A tip from a friend - Hi Eloise! - brought us to Chaospire, and I have to say, I like the designs I saw there. Gothic, Fantasy, and a couple of other good genres... including lingerie, obviously :)

This is Indulge, a lovely lingerie set with matching gloves and stockings.

Devyn Grimm, the designer, has the earliest birthdate of anyone I know in SL : April 2003.

While there’s no automatic relation between being long in the world and quality designs, well, this is clearly delicate and careful work - the soft reflections show an experienced eye.

The Chaospire outfits are transfer, so don’t hesitate to buy them for gifts. Price is quite reasonable for this level of quality.

Keep an eye on Devyn’s blog for new developments.

Woohoo, lingerie tonight and from a, for us, new designer, isn’t life great. *smiles*

Indulge comes in 2 version, the closed one i’m wearing and a more daring version you can see in the vendor picture, the one with the little hearts.

Top and bottom come in underwear and shirt/pants layer, you also get a pair of matching gloves and stockings.

The outfit has a dull rubbery shine, which i really like, the red and white stitching's look lovely and the lacy edges really are a must on lingerie, so he’s spot on there.

To put it in Mistress’s words, “Awesomely sexy and spankable rear” though i’m not sure if she meant me or the outfit. *winks*

Name : Chaospire
Owner : Devyn Grimm


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