Monday, April 11, 2011

DeVicious - Stolen Heart

I told you DeVicious was going places.. one of these places is straight into my wardrobe :)

This is Stolen Heart, a great classic bike chick outfit that can be turned into a softer, classier look with the addition of a simple white shirt.

Lelo instantly liked it on me, and while I sometimes think my sweetie would think I look good in a latex potato sack, I have to admit it does really suit me.

The prim accessories are just right for the look : a beaded choker and a couple of little leather bracelets. The resize script in the choker has a “Min. Size” setting, which is pretty smart.

The boots are really great, and the fold is totally in style these days. A version with invisiprims and a version without are included, along with a couple of good notecards to figure it all out.

A little bird (named Steph) hinted that a store redesign is coming.. can’t wait to see it!

A few weeks ago we showed you the freebie of DeVicious and as promised here is more.

The one thing that’s really unique about this outfit is the leather that is worn like demin, a hybrid is what Steph calls it.

Especially the boots look very good with the frayed edges, giving them a pretty special look

You get all the cloth-parts in every available cloth-layer, for the top you get 5 options, blouse in or over the pants, vest alone or vest with blouse, again in or over the pants.

And i haven’t even told you the best part of the outfit, it’s dirt cheap for a pair of good looking boots, not to mention a complete outfit.

Name : DeVicious
Owner : Steph Catseye


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