Friday, April 8, 2011

Dark Jewel - 4 Wheel Pony Carriage

The designer of the carriage contacted me earlier this week to notify me of this new pony carriage.

Needless to say, I was excited to be given a sneak preview and was suitably impressed by the carriage.

First impression on seeing it was that it was a beautifully crafted piece of work. So I changed into pony tack and took it for a test drive.

I was not disappointed. The cart handles perfectly, is well balanced and nicely maneuverable.

The speeds are easy to cope with and turning is not overly difficult. Turning a cart is one of SL’s more interesting challenges at times, and it can be astonishing how much variety there is in the various carts turning.

This carriage also offers a whole bevy of options, including many different inbuilt colors, auto return and different access levels.

The pony can be “hitched” using RLV, and include a scanner HUD for those not already wearing a relay. Once hitched, the pony will be unable to free themselves until you decide the ride is over.

On touching the carriage, the pony is then given a small menu of options, designed to find a suitable camera position and to adjust the pony’s position at the cart.

At the rear of the carriage is a box into which you can place your slave, or a spare pony, again utilizing RLV. Useful feature.

The carriage is resizable, and comes with too many features for me list here. The manual for the cart is lengthy, and not always clear, but, who really bothers with manuals anyway?

In case you hadn’t guessed, I like this carriage, and am assured that this is the first of a line of new carts from Dark Jewell.

I was so impressed, I went and bought one for myself, and will be looking forward to seeing more from Dark Jewell soon.


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