Friday, April 22, 2011

The Pony Taxi

Hi everyone.. Deirdre and lelo here, as Jaydana is taking a short break - we hope she’ll be back soon with cool pony goodness for you.

As a preliminary to an upcoming Freedom Continent post in the regular blog, we’ll give you a pony-related foretaste by mentioning a neat service at Pirandello Bay : the Pony Taxi.

A neat presence board tells you what ponies are available to give you a tour of the continent. You click to page a pony, she comes over, and takes you on a guided tour.

If you’ve never been on a pony cart ride, you’re in for a treat :) As a vehicle, I have yet to find something in SL I like more than a cart.

It’s fast enough to cover the relatively short distances on a sim, and in fact, fast enough to miss some of the scenery if you don’t make occasional stops.

The pony we called was friendly and helpful, and took us on a long tour, hitting the interesting spots of the continent (we won’t list them here).

As the sign says, ponies work for tips : if a ponygirl takes you on a half-hour tour with helpful comments, I’d say she definitely deserves something for her time.

Sin Ushimawa is the pony in charge - sadly we weren’t able to reach her in time for this post. There are a number of vacant spots on the board, so I believe she’d be happy to get ponies calling to offer their services

Pirandello Bay has a fixed landing zone, inside the info center. When you get there, walk to the big map, take the door at the right, and once outside, take the right-hand path, it leads right to the taxi stand.


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