Thursday, April 21, 2011

Plausible Body - Wild Catsuits

A few people told us about Plausible Body recently - always a good sign.

When we went to investigate, we found a small but clean store, with some good outfits and a very cool pricing method called Open Price : pay what you want.

We approve, and it seems most customers agree. People generally play fair and give a decent amount, some even giving more. And if you’re broke today, no reason you can’t get an outfit, and come back later, or tell all your friends.

Cool pricing aside, the outfits included in Wild Catsuits are quite good, and you get a *lot* in the box.

I like the shine, and the animal prints are quite well done. Snow Leopard is my favorite in this set, but the tiger print is a close second.

Plausible Body's name comes from their main product, good shapes of various heights that did indeed look pretty realistic to my untrained eye.

Go to Plausible, send your friends, and tell them to send their friends ;)

Be careful when you hit the vendors in this place, they fill your inventory before you notice it.

The wild catsuits come in 9 folders and each is stuffed with a catsuit in all layers including the tattoo layer for the V2 fans.

You get 2 leopards, 3 snow leopards and 3 tigers in the kit, enough to start your own zoo or circus. *winks*

All the textures look great and the lovely shine works best on the tiger outfit, at least that’s my opinion.

So great looking latex, which you can try before you buy, i love this way of doing business, only works in SL, so be generous and keep Roslynd fed. *smiles*

Name : Plausible Body
Owner : Roslynd Turbo & Emilie Muggins


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