Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Slick - Isolation Hood

We saw this new item at Slick!’s Latexia shop, and it immediately grabbed my eye. Puppy hoods are getting more popular lately and I think they’re pretty attractive.

So a quick call to Mika, and lelo was muffled, encased, deafened, and generally sensory-deprived, in these attractive hoods.

We also got from Mika the main reason these hoods came about : letting a sub focus exclusively on their dominant without distractions. It’s hard to fault such a noble purpose :)

The canine hood is intended for furries (and just to be clear, is a separate purchase) but as I said, I like it a lot so expect to see lelo sporting it when we go out.

The glowy ear-rings give a cool, sci-fi look to the device. The colors are good, allowing you to match non-basic black rubberdolls (we’re traditionalists, what can I say?)

Cool, cool toy. For more details and to keep updated on new Slick! releases, visit the store blog.

Toy time again tonight and we found you a beauty this time.

The hoods come in a fun little box and fit me directly from the box, which must be a first for a prim hood, wearing a rubber-hood under it does help though. *smiles*

The menu works very nicely, especially the way the buttons change when you select a function makes the whole thing very intuitive.

As you would expect the hood uses RLV for it’s restrictive functions and offers you 4 gag levels, 3 blindfold levels, 2 earplug levels and is reset protected.

For the fashion-conscious bondage doll the hood texture can be changed from rubber to leather or metal and you can select the following colors: black, red, pink, purple, yellow and blue.

Lights on the collar and earpieces give you a quick status of the hood, so you can see why your dolly isn’t listening to you. *winks*

A lovely piece of kit, simple elegantly sculpted and very solidly scripted, but careful who you give control over it.. and you...

Name : Slick!
Owner : Mika Feiri


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