Monday, April 4, 2011

XTC Leather - Constrictor and Cobra

Xaviar has been busy again (so much so that the girls are running sales behind his back!)

Introducing Constrictor, the cool sleeveless catsuit modeled by little old me, and Cobra, the cool trench-coat and lace body modeled by my dear lelo.

Constrictor has great stud highlights on the gloves and the front of the pants legs (hidden by my boots here), and a terrific design, generally.

Authentic as heck highlights and seams.. this is some of Xaviar’s best work, no doubt about it.

The box contains a simple shirt and pants layer, and a pair of gloves. Cover in cool accessories or leave bare, you’ll look awesome either way :)

I’m wearing Cobra here, which basically consists of 3 outfits.

First there is the leather straps body, which is quite revealing in all the right places.. or so i’m told. *winks*

Then you can add the fun looking net body stocking, and i say add because the straps body is part of the net stocking.

The net stocking has a very fun design and isn’t the usual boring net texture you see all over SL.

On top of those you can add the leather trench coat, which is a great idea but without mesh it has the usual SL short comings.

Finally you’ll find matching gloves, which come with or without the net texture, and ankle straps in the box.

Great basic outfit, very sexy and still very safe, as usual the leather looks good, just add you favorite jacket and/or corset and you’ll be the center of attention in this.

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders


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