Friday, April 1, 2011

Pony Places: Hope Springs

After a tip from Deirdre, I came cross the wonderfully built Hope Springs Stable and Sanctuary.

Proclaiming to be a place for all beasts and creatures to find refuge and a friendly face with a fully RolePlayed stable and lands, I decided to explore a little.

One thing i found was that it is a beautifully landscaped sim.

Designed, not just for ponygirls, but for furries and quadruped horses too, this sim offers a lovely setting for anyone with an interest in the Equine ways - whichever variation that may be.

The sim offers a stable, and TP points to a ponygirl area with the now standard and obligatory dressage and barrel racing to name a few.

You will also find on the sim cart paths, and a temp rezzer for horse and carts, to ensure that you have a pleasant visit with lots to explore.

A BDSM area is also included for when the Hay Fever kicks in, or for a change in scenery.

Yet another lovely example of a well built and designed sim for ponies, this is one more stop you should include on your pony play pilgrimage through Second Life.


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