Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Latex Station - Diana and Nina

A new-today release from Latex Station, I’m wearing Diana (with the tights). Lelo is wearing Nina, which is already a week old ;)

Diana is named for a friend of Chill3, a cool homage.

(I’m waiting for a designer to call something Deirdre, but judging by how people misspell my name, it would probably hurt sales : they’d never find it on a Marketplace search.)

Diana, then, is a lovely corset top and laced latex tights combo. The corset is available in shirt and jacket layer, so you can wear it over a catsuit, say.

The tights also have two versions, one with the bottom finished in red to wear with shoes and a plain one for boots.

Also included are a pair of long gloves with nice red detail and calf stockings.

Some leather from Latex Station tonight, yes you read that right leather, though not very much of it. *winks*

The main part of the Nina outfit is the strapless body which comes in both underwear and cloth layer, the folds and the buckles give the body some life.

You also get a little hot-pants to cover up, well cover up a bit i should say.

The set is completed with stockings and leather gloves. Add some good heels and you're there.

Don't mistake this for a bathing suit, leather isn't made for swimming. *winks*

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills


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