Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Catch it - Ultima Catsuit

Another catsuit inspired (well, ordered) by Sanda Rae, of the Gothic Fetish Club at WarDoom’s, this is the Ultima Catsuit.

Sanda had something specific in mind, and it took quite a few tries by the designer at Catch It before she said “That’s it!”.

The shine is reminiscent of POC, nearly glass-like. The seven colors (black, white, purple, blood - shown here -, pink, red and blue) match Wardoom’s own colors.

Sanda pointed out that this is a neck-entry catsuit, hence no unsighly zippers at the front or back. This is one of those “don’t-try-that-in-real-life” things, kiddies.. anyone who’s seen an expensive piece of latex tear explosively knows what I mean.

So there you go. Grab a nice Ultima and you’ll easily find matching boots to go dancing at Gothic Fetish - how easy is that? ;)

Third and final latex this week, promise, really... *smiles*

At first glance you see a pretty realistic shine in some very good colors, WarDoom colors that is.

But look closer and you’ll see the fine lines of the seams and the zipper.

When you wear the tattoo layer you’ll get a very high collar almost making it to your chin. The gloves are kinda the same, more like long sleeves.

Next to the tattoo layer you get the catsuit in underwear and cloth layer, so another mix and matcher, though i would expect this one to usually be the base of your outfit.

A nice change from your usual latex and matches great with the wonderful WarDoom creations, so what are you waiting for, your new catsuit is waiting for you... *winks*

Name : Catch It
Owner : Pad Cioc


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