Friday, May 13, 2011

Pony Play Noobs

I forget sometimes how it is for noobies coming into ponyplay, as it has been a long time since i was there.

Having said that, I received an IM from someone new to SL, and who had a sub who wanted to be a pony.

One question I was asked was : how is a ponygirl different from a furry?

I actually found I had no answer to that. I have seen furries in pony sims, partaking in pony play just like human ponygirls.

My first thought was that a ponygirl is still a human, treated as a pony. But a furry can be a furry, treated as a pony.

So, the truth of it is, I am not at all sure if there really is a difference, except in appearance - any furries out there have any insight?

Another question I was asked : “What does a Trainer/Owner do?”

Again, I was stumped, though I managed to fumble a reply of “Treat your ponygirl like you would a horse” - helpful if you have a history of horse riding, not so helpful if you don’t.

Having given it some more thought, the Owner would do whatever they wish to with their ponygirl. A Trainer would at its most basic, provide training.

But this isn’t like learning to drive a car. There is no right or wrong to what you should or should not do.

A certain sim may have rules, but other than that, pony play is what you make it. What works for one pony and owner/trainer couple might not for the next couple.

So if you find something you both enjoy, don’t worry about whether it is right or wrong.

Unless you intend to become a competition pony.

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  1. Very good questions and you will get many different answers from the many Trainers, ponygirls, and stables in SL. To me a ponygirl is made to act and think like a pony, and is not an animal. A Trainer is the person responsible for the pony's care and guides and teaches them. The relationship between the two can be very intimate and works very well within a BDSM relationship. But the best answer has been given. As long as the Trainer and ponygirl are having fun, whose to say if they are doing it wrong.

    - Sasaya Rothschild