Monday, May 16, 2011

Squeaky Rubber - Checkerboard

Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes? (If you believe this old French comic strip, they’re green with white and black stripes.)

This fundamental problem also applies to checkerboards, and Squeaky Rubber’s Elisa Kumaki studied the question with this lovely catsuit kit called Checkerboard.

The box comes with 13 parts, including two fun skins : one with a traditional hood’s eye and mouth openings, and the other giving full coverage like a zentai suit.

Most of the items are underwear and shirt layer, leaving you the opportunity to wear something over top.. a corset, perhaps?

A clever zipper is available on the shirt and pants layer - you should be able to use them on other catsuits as well - or wear them over your bare skin if you like that kind of practical joke ;)

It’s been a while since we covered Squeaky Rubber, so it was time to have a look at what’s new and fun in Elisa’s store.

We both love the original textures she comes up with and Checkerboard really caught our eye in the red black version shown here by Mistress. Elisa also offers a green/black and grey/black version.

I’m not quite sure where and when to wear this, an medieval fair as a joker maybe, still at her prices it’s a very affordable way make a fashion statement.

Her little sky box is slowly filling up with great and unusual designs, take some time shopping around, i’m sure you’ll find some unique pieces that you will love.

You’ll really stand out at a party wearing one of these..though i’m not sure if that’s a good thing. *winks*

Name : Squeaky Rubber
Owner : Elisa Kumaki


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