Friday, May 20, 2011


I always enjoy getting tips from people within the pony community, and this was on of those tips.

It happens, sometimes, that someone finds something that I had not yet found on my own.
It’s always good to have others out there to help me with the research.

On receiving the landmark for PonyboUnd, I promptly teleported there without the need for Scotty to beam me up :).

First impressions suggest this is a new store as there are only a handful of products on sale and naturally, I liked what I saw

A free pony AO and sounds HUD are offered. On one side of the store are pony girl items, the other side ponyboy.

Admittedly, this looks like very early days for the store and so there are only a small selection of items, all centered around a very interesting black latex pony avatar.

The pony mask looks like being the most interesting of them all to me, and I am looking forward to talking with the creator to see if there are any scripted features - like RLV - since i am a big fan of RLV and the added depth that can give.

I think this might be another store to keep a close eye on - and certainly worth a visit - particularly if you are looking for a latex pony mask.

And it’s always great to see another designer creating for pony play.


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